The idea for casinos, or gambling houses as they were called back then, came about several centuries ago. Ever since then, they have become a staple form of entertainment for players all over the world. Each casino is unique in its grandeur, as well as what is offers players and the overall experience that players are able to take away. However, some also have interesting tales attached to them, as is the case when it comes to Casinò di Campione. Not only is this casino known specifically for all of its glitz and glamour, it also has quite a bit to offer in terms of entertainment as well. For more information on this establishment, take a look below.

Italian in Switzerland

Interestingly, the Casinò di Campione is actually located on an Italian enclave surrounded by territory belonging to Switzerland. In other words, it is located on a little piece of Italian land in Switzerland. The casino is also set on the shores of the iconic Lake Lugano. This gives rise to another aspect of this casino that is to be admired – the natural beauty that it is engulfed in. It certainly makes for a wonderful sight to behold, with all of the casino’s bright lights bouncing off of the reflection of the surrounding waters.

A Little Bit of History

Casinò di Campione has quite an interesting little bit of history attached to it. The site was first founded in 1917 and at the time, had quite an important role to play. Initially, it was used as a spot for foreign diplomats to come together and collect little bits of important information during the First World War. Today, Casinò di Campione is owned by the Italian government and after a few refurbishments, measures in at an astounding 55 000 square meters, spread across nine different floors. Because of all of the available space, the casino is able to boast 56 tables and over 500 slot machines.

It’s Created Plenty of Jobs

At 55 000 metres square, Casinò di Campione is the largest casino in Europe. In fact, it generates so much income that the Municipality of Campione is able to sustain itself entirely on the casino’s revenue. Furthermore, it does not need to impose any taxes on its citizens or find any other ways of obtaining revenue, as everything that they need in order to run the community as smoothly as possible is generated by this establishment. The casino also contributes greatly to the overall well being of the citizens of the municipality, as it has created thousands of jobs so far. In fact, it is the area’s highest creator of jobs all year round.

At the end of the day, Casinò di Campione is certainly a sight to behold. Moreover, it has plenty of exciting casino games on offer and still manages to create plenty of jobs and help to improve its district. Guests certainly do have plenty to look forward to at Europe’s biggest casino.