In Australia, horse racing has become one of the biggest betting sports in the country. Every year major horse races attract thousands of visitors both local and international. If you have ever been to a live horse race, you will know that a horse racing event is not just about the race itself.

A major horse race is a full day or sometimes a full weekend of entertainment and fun for the whole family. In the Australian racing calendar, one of the most anticipated races of the season has to be Armidale Cup. Set in the heart of the New England Tablelands, Armidale is a town that is located between the two major cities of Sydney and Brisbane. This country town provides the ideal place to host one of Australia’s top races.

A Major Racing Event

For those of you who are not familiar with the race, the Armidale Cup is held in March of every year. Hosted by the Armidale Jockey Club, the race takes place at the picturesque Armidale racecourse. The track itself has a total circumference of 2000 meters with one or two tight bends and two wide easy bends. Spectators will be pleased to know that the track has some great views with ever part of the race unobstructed. The venue is ideally suited to host a major event with food facilities and all the amenities that visitors should expect from a top-class racing event.

The Armidale Track

For those who are visiting the track as well as online bettors, the Armidale Cup provides the ideal opportunity to get into horse racing and start betting. The good news is that the Armidale race offers full online betting options. If you are new to horse racing, betting on the races is as simple or as complicated you as you wish to make it. For the novice bettor, horse racing can seem quite complicated and many people don’t know where to begin. For most novice punters, the best way to get started is by placing a standard win bet. This is a simple bet on which horse you think will win the cup. While this may seem easy, predicting who will win the Armidale Cup is no mean feat.

Racing Bets at Armidale

Racing betting is notoriously difficult to master. If you are attending the Armidale Cup and you just want to have a bit of fun, placing a bet on the winning horse can be just pot luck. For the more experienced punters, the cup presents a unique opportunity to place some exotic bets. If you follow Australian horse racing and you know all about the horses, the trainers and the Jockey, you should be able to place some of the more complicated bets. Some of the most popular exotic bets include the quinella which is picking two horses to win and place second. Then there is the trifecta which is picking first second and third place in the exact order. For those who want the ultimate bet, there is the superfecta which is picking the first four horses in the exact order they come in.