When it comes to casinos, there can be no denying the fact that they certainly have a lot to offer their guests. Over the past few centuries, they have established themselves as a great form of entertainment for all gambling enthusiasts. In fact, some casinos were started quite some time ago and have managed to maintain their reputations as leaders in their field. One such casino is Casinò di Sanremo, a municipal establishment located in Sanremo, Italy. The building in which it is housed was designed by a famous French architect in the art nouveau style. For more information on how this casino came to be, see below.

The Beginning

On 12 January 1905, Casinò di Sanremo opened its doors for the very first time. It was inaugurated by the Mayor of Sanremo, Augusto Mombello. For the first two years of its existence, the casino was actually a theatre venue used to host a number of concerts, parties and receptions. At this stage, it was managed by Eugene Ferret, the French architect who designed the building. The theatre also played host to a number of gambling activities, although at the time, it was only officially endorsed by local authorities. However, this wasn’t for all too long, as an international dealer from Belgium soon started operating within the casino.

Legalising the Casino

By 22 December 1927, Casinò di Sanremo was legally sanctioned as a place where everyone could freely go and play casino games. To celebrate, the casino hosted a massive gala on 21 January, 1928. By this stage, all of the decisions regarding the casino needed to be made by a board called the Società Anonima Municipal Casino of Sanremo, the director of which was Luigi De Santis. He wasted no time in getting to work on bettering the casino and commissioned two new sections to be built. This opened up doors for more activity to take place within the premises and before long, major events were hosted there, including the 1930 International San Remo Tournament of Chess.

The War

The Second World War had taken quite a toll on Europe and the economies therein and as a result, the Ministry of the Interior made a call to shut the doors of Casinò di Sanremo in June of 1940. However, once the war ended, the casino was officially reopened on 31 December, 1945. Over the next few years, a few teething problems emerged as the players at citizens of Sanremo tried hard to recover from the effects that the war had had on them. However, the casino remained open despite any of the difficulties that came out of the situation.

Casinò di Sanremo certainly has some interesting history behind it. While the war may have proven to be a difficult time for the establishment, it was certainly able to bounce back. Even now, a good few decades later, the casino still stands tall and proud and is still entertaining everyone who enters through its doors or signs up at https://onlineroulette.net.nz/.