Widespread connectivity, combined with the endless options offered by the Internet, means that most of us now have access to any number of entertainment options at the swipe of a screen or the tap of a keyboard. For those of a betting disposition, these options include a veritable cornucopia of online casinos. Most also offer attached free casino games, for those who play purely for the kick of challenging the odds, but those who like to bet and win real money can also do so anywhere and at anytime.

Anyone with an internet connection can play slots, poker, craps, blackjack, or whatever casino games they fancy at online casinos. Serious players quickly learn that free casino bonuses, used properly, are one of the easiest ways to extend game-playing time and hence overall winnings.

How do Free Casino Bonuses Work?

Whether you register with a free play online casino, at which players can only bet or win credits, or when sign up to wager with real money, casinos reward players with a welcome bonus. This will take the form of extra credits at a free casino, or free betting money for those gambling in earnest. In addition, online casinos hold regular promotions, with once-off bonuses (either in credits or betting money) for specific games.

A player registered at a number of sites, therefore, will be able to shop around on a daily basis and take advantage of the best free casino bonuses on offer, to deliver maximum game-playing time without having to bet as much of your own money. So being able to seek out the best free casino bonus offers is a skill that will enhance anyone’s online casino entertainment.

Read the Terms & Conditions Carefully

It goes without saying that there are terms and conditions attached to all free casino bonuses. Bonuses are promotional incentives which online casinos use to attract new customers, giving potential players a chance to try out the casino before they commit to spending their own money, and to reward regular players.

By handing over free money, the online casino is giving you the chance to bet without risk and keep your winnings; it’s not simply a windfall that you can tuck into your wallet after venturing a single bet. So, for example, many terms and conditions will specify a minimum deposit, before a player can withdraw any winnings; or insist that free casino bonuses are played through a minimum number of bets before any winnings can be collected. Identifying the free casino bonuses that offer the most favourable terms and conditions, therefore, should be one of the criteria players use when they are comparing various bonus offers from competing casinos.

Try a New Game without Risk

Apart from allowing players to play the games they are familiar with for longer, free casino bonuses also give you the freedom to explore games you’ve always been interested in, but were too nervous to bet on because you didn’t understand them fully. By allowing you to try these games out at no personal risk, bonuses can help you broaden your casino-game horizons – they might even introduce you to a new favourite pastime.