While many online casinos exist there are a few that have seemed to rise to the top. In the below we will cover what makes an online casino stand out from the rest and why you should consider making use of a particular online casino.


GUI stands for Graphic User Interface, this is everything you can see and touch. While this isn’t a very big draw for people to start on a particular online casino, the ease and pleasant use of a casino may draw more customers to stay. The ease of use and practicality when it comes to quick loading times, easy to navigate pages, clearly laid out with easy to read fonts and lack of clutter can make it easier to focus on your games with fewer distractions. Personally, the GUI is the main selling point for any major casino.


Probably the most important factor to any online casino is the safety of your information, security of your money and knowing the games are not tampered with in any way. While this is a topic that deserves its own article, a simple way to confirm a great casino is through their licensing. If a casino offers licences from strict regulatory boards like the UK Gambling Commission, you know it is a casino worth trusting. It is always worth taking the few minutes to check the legitimacy of any online casino that you plan on using, being backed by great regulatory bodies is a sure way to gain the trust of any potential players.


While depositing money into your online casino of choice is usually an easy process. Consider the process of getting your money paid out after having a great win. It is important to confirm an online casinos methods of payment as well as the time it takes to pay out. The time span may seem a small detail but can help greatly when it comes to customer satisfaction in a casino.


While bonuses are not the biggest reason for retention of player base, it is a fantastic way to attract a player base. When a few online casinos aligns themselves with the above mentioned parameters, bonuses can really make some stand out from the rest. Depending on what type of games you enjoy playing, different bonuses will work for you.

Personally I play several different games, so a casino with matching deposit bonuses I find the best. If you were to be more of a slots player, free spins may work out more beneficial than direct deposit bonuses for you. No matter what type of games you plan to play, there will be a casino which offers the bonuses to best suit you. It’s worth shopping around a bit to find the bonuses that fit you best.

Customer Support

While often ignored, Customer support is incredibly important to a good online casino. Things do go wrong at times and sometimes you need some help. An online casino with good customer support is vital if you plan on playing there.