Table based games were the foundation of casinos and still a pride today. From cheap buy in to the high rollers, casino tables have it all. Nothing beats the real excitement and social interaction of casino games with friends.

Below we will be looking at the most popular table-based games in casinos and a brief description of each. Not that a description would be needed, every avid casino goer will know these games like the back of their hand. If some of the games on this list aren’t familiar to you, consider giving them a try at a casino near you, or even online. With the addition of live casinos, online gambling is closer to the real thing than it’s ever been before.


No gambling list would be complete without Poker. A classic game with a cult like following, Poker can be argued as the best card game available today. Unlike other card games, Poker relies on skill more than luck, making Poker the best game for anybody with a great strategy and an intention to win. There are a few variations of Poker available, but all share the common goal; get a better hand than anyone else. While this is a wild oversimplification, Poker is not always as complicated as some people would have you believe, mastering the human element can be more of a challenge than mastering the cards.


Just as with Poker, Blackjack is another consistently loved game for players the world over. Blackjack is one of the big crowd pleasers of the table games available in a casino, always excitement and always a good time at the table. The aim of the game is simple, get as close to 21 as possible, without going over. Blackjack is the delicate balance between skill and luck as the players risk it on one card at a time.

Blackjack is generally where you will see the true player skill shine, there are not many effective strategies for Blackjack, but those that are effective are by no means easy. Only the best players are able to see consistent wins, which makes it all the more exciting for everybody at the table.


While Poker splits players apart, Craps brings them together. is the most popular dice-based game in the casino and is another crowd favourite. Everybody roots for the best dice throw, and you can be sure people get excited when the dice land favourably. While Craps can be intimidating to a new player, once you have the basic rules under the belt, the rest is mostly easy. Unlike Poker, there is no need to try and read the other players or bluff. It’s as simple as placing your bet and hope the dice land in your favour.


Traditionally the game reserved for gambling elite, Baccarat is now coming available to everybody. In my opinion Baccarat is the easiest game on this list. Simply put, Baccarat is like betting on players in a game of Blackjack. A simple two-way bet, as easy as it gets.