Just like traditional sports betting, eSports betting looks at the potential outcome of various online sporting events, with players betting against the outcome of a specific game. It differs in the fact that you don’t need to keep track of teams, their players, their performance, and their injuries.

You can place Moneyline bets on who you think will win, which is the simplest and easiest way to place bets in the world of eSports betting. If you are feeling adventurous, you can always look into other styles of betting.

Let’s start with the basics.

Basic Match Win

This is when you place a bet on who will win. For example, Team A versus Team B with Team B your favourite to win. You’ll need to consider the format used by the sportsbook as well as the odds at stake relating to the game you’ll be wagering against. The most important thing you’ll need to consider, of course, is your bankroll and how much you’re willing to spend. So, if you were to bet on Team A and Team B using decimal odds, with the odds being 1.60 for Team A and 2.50 for Team B, placing a bet of $100 on Team B to win, your pay-out would be $250 if they won.

Types of eSports Bets

While the match win is the most commonly used bet, each game that you bet on may have a slightly different wager unique to the game. So, if you were to bet on a game like CS:GO, you could choose the team that you think would win the first Pistol Round of a match while in a strategy game like League of Legends, you could bet on who would kill the baron first. These are not necessarily based on the outcome of the game, but rather on occurrences within the game.

Additional types of eSport bets can include:

  • Betting on the outcome being a draw
  • Betting on the group that will have the overall winner in a tournament
  • Betting on the winning group of a tournament – assuming that the game requires teams
  • Betting on the point difference between the winning and losing teams
  • You can place a future bet on which team will be the overall winner
  • You can bet on the number of kills or death in a given game – or any other statistic
  • You can bet on where the winner will be from, their region
  • You can bet on the number of rounds in a game

You can, of course, place more specific bets. For example:

  • Who will get the first kill?
  • The winner of a specific map

You can, of course, place more specific bets based on the game you have chosen, but that becomes more complex and will require more in-depth knowledge.

The Betting Options are Endless

When it comes to internet based betting on eSports at https://esportsbettingaustralia.com.au/review/ladbrokes/, you can bet on almost any eventuality. The options are endless when you understand the game and the odds set by the sportsbook.