The past decades have seen a huge boom in the success of online casinos. With the constant improvement of technology, as well as the tireless work of developers, there have been some significant milestone achievements along the way.

The Adobe Flash Era

In the early 2000s, as the online industry was beginning to take off, the initial surge in popularity of online casinos and games can be largely attributed to a certain, highly useful, multimedia application platform, called Adobe Flash.

Adobe Flash allowed web developers, and in particular online casino game developers, to create web applications and games incorporating sound, videos, pictures, and animations, all to a far greater degree of quality than ever before. They were also light weight enough to be played on most browsers with general ease, and robust enough to provide a high level of functionality.

All was well, and the online casino industry was booming, until later that decade, when, all of a sudden, the advent of mobile technology quickly made it apparent that something new, and better, was going to be needed.

Introducing The Smart Phone

The introduction of the smart phone in the mid to late 2000s, and the enormous potential that mobile devices were showing to provide, caused everything to change and turn on its head. One particular reason for this was that smart phones, while able to do many new and exciting things, did not, however, support Flash.

Suddenly the tech world was scrambling for an alternative, and it soon arrived in the form of HTML5.

 A Markup Language For The Future

HTML5 is the latest generation of HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, which has been the primary programming language for displaying the internet via a web browser since it was first invented in the early 1990s.

It is an open-source technology that is built right into the browser, being its first great benefit over Flash, which was a third-party software that had to be added.

The introduction of HTML5 soon proved to be the perfect choice though, surpassing Flash in every way, and especially in security, something that Flash was not well-known for. It has also since provided greater versatility and creative options for development than ever before. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with the browsers on all current mobile devices, PCs, and Macs, and will likely remain the standard browser language for the foreseeable future.

A Greater Convenience

In fact, HTML5 has proved to be so incredibly versatile that developers everywhere, especially those creating games and content for online casinos, have begun to realise something. The bulky apps of the past, taking up so much space on our devices, often requiring lengthy downloads and constant updates, are fast becoming altogether unnecessary.

While apps still hold various benefits over browser games, this may not be for long, with more and more quality browser-based games being developed and gaining popularity with every passing day. Casino games in particular, and those that generally play them, place a greater importance on ease of convenience, playability, decent visuals, though most importantly, top-notch security, all of which HTML5 amply provides, and then some.