The most common bet placed is on a team to win. It is a straightforward, simple bet to understand, and therefore gets the most attention. But many overlook the head to head bet, which is, in essence, as easy to understand, and can offer a better alternative.

In team bets, of course, the state of an entire team must be taken into consideration. This can be a difficult call to make, given the enormous amount of factors involved. But what if you could instead focus on just one individual, which drastically reduces the number of factors to take into account?

This is the idea of head to head betting. In NASCAR, tennis or golf, the focus can be put on just a single individual versus another individual.

No Need to Win

The most interesting aspect of head to head betting is that the individual bet on does not even have to win the event. They only have to perform better than the chosen direct opponent. In NASCAR, for example, it can be bet on at if a driver will perform better than another driver. If they beat that opponent’s time, even if they lose the race, the bet will still payout.

In golf similar rules apply. Betting on if a chosen golfer will finish with a better score than an opponent is the idea. Once again, the chosen golfer doesn’t have to win the tournament in order for the bet to payout.

Team Based

Another form of head to head betting is on the performance of a team versus an opponent team. Will the chosen team go further in a tournament than the opponent team? Once again, the team would not have to win the tournament, only perform better than the other team.

This head to head team based betting option is sometimes offered in the NFL, but only rarely. This is because, very simply, the option does not get as much attention as outright betting on a team to win overall.

Why is it a Good Option?

As said, the factors to take into account with head to head bets are significantly reduced. Keeping track of an individual’s performance is far easier than an entire team. If it looks like an individual is on fire, they are more likely to keep their momentum. A team, on the other hand, could entirely be thrown off based on a single, unexpected occurrence.

On the other hand, head to head bets can often take inexperienced bettors off guard. It is far more common to keep track of team performance, rather than one individual in professional tennis. So it is important to keep in mind that a fair amount of research is required in order to utilise head to head bets successfully.

Thankfully, more than a few dedicated sites focus on individual performance, and are an excellent free resource. It need only be ensured that these sites are checked regularly, since drastic changes in performance can occur in a very short space of time.